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Latest Zoom Video Cloud Communications Software 2.0 Download

Download Zoom Video cloud Software – Zoom Video cloud Communications, Inc. (styled as Zoom or simply Zoom) is an American communications technology company headquartered in San Jose, California – Advanced Forex Chart. It allows video phone and online chat services through a cloud-based peer-to-peer software platform and is consumed for teleconferencing, telecommunications, distance learning, and social networking.

latest version Zoom Video Cloud Communications Software

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What is Zoom Video cloud Software?

Zoom in on free cloud meetings. Developed by Zoom Video Communication

Zoom is an alive and friendly platform for online chat and video conferencing. However, the app is only available in English, which makes it difficult for some people to use it immediately after launch. Need your help We have prepared a short guide for the functions and panels available in the application.

After opening the website https://zoom.us/join or zoom application on your phone, tablet, or computer, a window will appear so that you can enter the meeting number (meeting ID) or pass the meeting link sent by its organizer. You can join the meeting as a guest without registering or by logging in to Zoom by entering your email address and password selected at the time of registration.

Zoom Video cloud Software Key Feature:

  • The main window menu has four icons – Home, D.M.M.T., Main View, Chat which enables text conversations, meetings, D.M.M.T., meeting / conference screens and agreements, hence, a list of saved contacts. There is also a search window at the end, which makes it easy to find individual program functions.
  • If you do not attend a meeting, after zooming in, you will get the main view from which you can create a meeting (new meeting), join the meeting (join), schedule the meeting (schedule), and share the screen. (Share screen). The main view also shows the calendar with the current date and time and a list of meetings scheduled for that day.
  • To join an existing meeting, click on the Join icon in the main view, and then enter the meeting ID or link to the meeting and the name visible during the meeting. The options below allow you to turn off audio and video during the meeting.
  • Scheduling an appointment is an enhanced version of the create option that allows you to schedule an event for a specific date, time, or event duration. The window allows you to select the recurring meeting option – the event will be repeated, e.g., every Thursday at 3 pm. audio and synchronization with the calendar.
  • The option allows you to provide meeting participants with a view of your own screen, especially for online presentations and lessons.
  • The functions available in the chat panel are quite visible – based on the list of contacts and people we’ve talked to before, we can exchange text messages, transfer files, and create group chats (recently a new chat) or a new channel. Click the Plus button next to Create (Group Chat Channel).
  • When composing a message, you can take a screenshot, upload a file (file) or add emoticons (smiley faces are visible on the right side of the message panel). Files can be added to your computer or from Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and Box.
  • The meeting screen gives you a general view of the personal collection document (MIP) that you can use when creating your meetings. The panel also provides information about scheduled meetings and recordings from previous conversations.
  • The communication panel can be considered as a phone book. The tabs visible on the left let you see an asterisk outside the Zoom app, external contacts, contacts from related apps (p.sh., Facebook), and contacts from the Cloud imported into Zoom.

How to Install Zoom Video cloud Software Software in your Desktop/Android/Ios?

In this section, you will learn how to Download Zoom Video cloud Software Software and Install it On Any Desktop.

Zoom Video cloud Software Software Software download Rules:

Click ON the link and choose the download version. After finishing the download Software then double click on the executable file. Sign up with Gmail then Download and enjoy.