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Why Use Algorithm Trading / Expert Advisor in Forex Trading?

Algorithm trading

The biggest advantage of Algorithm trading is that it will follow the strategy from your human brain one hundred percent bypassing your human experience.

algorithm trading

Suppose you have a profitable strategy:

Every day you have to check the chart every hour or every 4/6 hours. And you have to check the chart and history of the day before that chart. Regularly, you check about 40 currency pairs + metal + oil, crypto charts, and other stock charts.

Why Use Algorithm Trading?

After checking a few times daily, sometimes 10/12 times, maybe at 1 o’clock you get your desired set up,
Accordingly, you order a buy or sell.

(How hard and patient can it be …?)

This is exactly what you can do, just like you can do, but in some cases, the “algorithm trading” you have designed can do just that.
Algorithm Trading / Expert Advisor or Robot.
Due to that feeling (“fear/greed, hope/despair”), thousands of new traders could not fulfill their dream of becoming a trader.

algorithm trading

It can be said that it is not the fault of the newcomers to have a dislike for algorithm trading (as is the case with most newcomers).
But with real experience, every trader continues to feel the need for algorithm trading. Large institutional trading/hedge fund/investment bank strategies are mostly executed automatically.

Traders do not trade there manually most of the time, the decision is entirely / mostly automatic with the computer.

However, those trades are already algorithmically input by those traders.
The Forex market/stock market that you and I are investing in has a huge impact on direct high-frequency trading. This high-frequency trading is just one branch of algorithm trading.

More than 80% of the trading volume orders in the market. All trading income from computers, i.e robots / algo trading.

This article is about algorithm trading to make traders interested. In this strategy, if the world can advance so much in the financial market, why should we lag… ???

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