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What is Ethereum Coin or Ethereum 2.0 ?

Ethereum Coin

The most popular cryptocurrency in the present Ethereum coin is the number two position. Ethereum has a market cap of 140 billion dollars. Which started at 40 cents in 2014, is currently priced at 1234 dollars.

What is Ethereum Coin or Ethereum 2.0?

People first show blockchain products after Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin in 2009. But this blockchain had many limitations.

Who is founder of Ethereum ?

Ethereum Coin

Russian programmer vitalik buterin Ethereum launched in 2014 one step further.
Ethereum is basically an ecosystem.
Many types of decentralized applications and dapps are used in Ethereum’s blockchain.
Creating the first dapps of Ethereum in 2017s.
It was basically a decentralized game.
Where all kinds of cartoon cat’s games will be bought and sold.
And became popular in a very short time
Resulting in, Network transactions increase a lot.
It is also possible to do a lot with decentralized gaming decentralized applications with the blockchain Ethereum.
Ethereum is basically a network.

What is Ether?

That coin called Ether is on the market . The Ether was originally given to Minor as a fee.

Ethereum is not the first blockchain system based on Smart Tech. There are many more blockchains here such as carbon, us, torn, DND, etc. The most popular blockchain of all these Ethereum coin blockchains is the most popular.
It is very easy to create smart contacts using the Ethereum blockchain.
The name of the code that has been used is Solidity. You can use this code and able to create your own smart contract, token, and dapps easily.
Fifty of the top 100 coins use this Ethereum blockchain technology.

What is Ethereum 2.0?

With the use of Ethereum, the transactions increase day by. But Ethereum had a transaction capability of 25 to 30 per second. As a result, the ETH transaction fee continues to grow.

This caused many problems for Ethereum growth. Then co-founder of Ethereum blockchain vitalik buterin Speaking of publishing Ethereum 2.0.
Ethereum will be released in this system in four phases.
Phase 0 will be the launch beacon chain.
Phase 1 will be launching the shard chain and complete the transaction with the validator.
Phase 1.5 -current eth minnet will become a shard.
If all goes well, version 2 will be launched in the final.
According to much big analytics, if Ethereum 2 version is released, it will increase the price a lot.

More information about cryptocurrency Ethereum Coin.

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