What is a cryptocurrency or the History of cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency or virtual currency that uses strong cryptocurrency to secure financial transactions.

What’s the meaning of decentralized:

When you send money in a foreign country, through any bank in your country, there is a third party that is the bank manager.


How much money will you send where?
How much money to send? How much to send? Where to send money? Who are you sending money to? The bank manager can see if he wants.

But there is no third party in cryptocurrency.Only the one you send will know and you will know.

This is a big advantage of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is used in almost all countries of the world. There is no obstacle in this case except a few countries.
USA, Canada, Singapore, London ETC Big countries can use this without any hustle.

Cryptocurrency is another advantage:

If you go to any country in the world, you have to use dollars somewhere, you have to use a rupee somewhere, There are many problems in Suppose you go to America, your country’s money will not run there. Suppose you go to Canada your country’s money will not run there also.

But if you have crypto i.e. bitcoin
Then you can do business transactions even Google transactions in any country of the world.
There is no third party here.

  • There is no third party here.
  • No one can control cryptocurrency.
  • No central bank can control.
  • No state can control.
  • No person can control ownership.
  • You can transact with cryptocurrency as you wish unlimited.

Bitcoin first came to the market in 2009.
There is currently 4797 cryptocurrency on the market. Many of them are active and some are not active. There are some real and some fake
The name of the first cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. The name of the second is Etherium. The name of the third is Light Coin.

How to buy this currency & how to make income by trading? Which exchange accounts to open? Which exchanges are real?
How to open an account to start trading with a minimum of 10$ from any exchange account. How to open an account? How to do the technical analysis? How to do a fundamental analysis? etc. I will discuss this periodically on this website.

What is a cryptocurrency

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