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Simple Trading Strategy For Forex Traders

Simple Trading Strategy

Let’s learn a very simple trading strategy.Prove your patience first by reading the article carefully. Because there is no substitute for patience to do forex. This post is especially for those who are brand new, or who are looking for a simple trading strategy. This system is my own set + tested and still practiced.

Note: Those who do not get peace if they do not open 5-10 trades daily, do not get peace if you can not double the balance in a month or two / three months, they will not read this post. Not this post for them. Today’s post is for those who are interested in trading in corporate trading system and want to make a profit of 6-7% per month by trading on Forex as a real trader on a regular basis.

Rules of simple trading strategy:

  • Pair: GBPUSD
  • Timeframe: 4 hours
  • Profit ratio: 3 times more profit than loss per trade. Ratio – one-three.
  • Profit Target: 1000+ pips per year is a fairly guaranteed profit.
  • Moving Average: SMA 21, Apply closed.
  • Signal: 1 per week (possible)
  • Broker: Any good broker. However, you can let me know for the best support because the open and close prices of candles differ from broker to broker’s candle chart opening time in 4 hour timeframe.

System of Simple Trading Strategy:

  • Use Fresh Chart. There is no need to take any magic indicator. Now to understand the trend lightly from the default indicator, select Simple Moving Average and set its level to 21.
  • Now when the market is open after the weekly break, the candle that will be made in the h4 timeframe after the first 4 hours, pays close attention to that candle. Find the open and closed price of that candle and mark the level above and below the candle.
  • Notice if the candle is above or below the moving average. If it is above, it can be said that the market is uptrend. So in that case open the pending buy order 5 pips above the top level of that candle. Or wait until the market crosses the price at 5 pips above the candle level.
  • Open the buy order at that moment. Now first find out the stop loss. Stop loss will be 5 pips below the bottom level of the candle. Now it’s time to give tech profit. Set 3 times the number of pips you have given as Stop Loss as Pips Take Profit. Forget this trade for the whole week.
  • Similarly, if the candle is below the moving average, then the market is in a fairly downtrend.
  • In that case be prepared to open a sell trade. If you go to the market 5 pips below the lower level of the candle, then open the cell trade. Set the stop loss 5 pips above the top level of the candle. And calculate 3 times the stop loss pips and set it as tech profit. Now forget about trade for the whole week.

Which category you will be a trader?

Many will say, 1000+ pips a year ??? So low !!! I will say, yes grandfather, this is the real business.

Decide for yourself whether you are a corporate trader or a retailer. Corporate traders sell 3-4 hours a month which makes a profit, retailers sell 30-40 hours a day but can’t make a profit close to it. Now you decide

If you are you use 0.10 lot size for every ড 1000 according to your balance, you will make a profit of + 1000 + a year. As such, you will get a profit of 84 per month, from the comfort and ease of worry.

Now you start your corporate trading based on your abilities. You can get our support directly and let us know to make your trade truly profitable.

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