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Download “Salt Lick” Song Lyrics

“Salt Lick” Song Lyrics –

I met a girl with a black cigar, and a salt lick in her hand
She settled down into a quiet room
And she started to strike up the band
She had a time gettin’ down to work, with a salt lick in her hand
She ran right in and jumped into my lap, with a salt lick in her hand
She let me know what was on her mind
And said I want to play with your band
I took her home and she blew my
Mind, and now I’m with her all the time

And so it’s been for many days and
Nights, as I sit and wonder where she’s been
The girl I knew with the black
Cigar, she bring the salt lick here again
She walked out on me yeah the other day,
And I haven’t seen her ’round ’til then?