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Latest Microsoft Security Essentials App (32-bit) For Windows

Microsoft Security Essentials App download – Microsoft Security Essentials is a free antivirus software from Microsoft. (AV) the product that contributes protection against different types of malicious software, such as computer viruses, spam, etc. – Advanced forex chart. This App developed by Microsoft and Platform – Microsoft  IA-32 and x64. This app’s first Initial release date was 30 November 2016.

Download & Install the latest version of Microsoft Security Essentials. Microsoft Security Essentials free popular antivirus App. Microsoft Security Basics is a real-time security antivirus developed by Microsoft that does not pose any harmful risk from touching the device. Here I will share the latest update version of the Microsoft Security Essentials app. This software category is Antivirus. Operating System is Microsoft windows.

Microsoft Security Essentials App

Microsoft Security Essentials app download:

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Microsoft Security Essentials App Details:

Officially Published30 November 2016
Software SystemMicrosoft windows
Microsoft Security Essentials

What is Microsoft Security Essentials?

Microsoft Security Basics is a real-time security antivirus developed by Microsoft that does not pose any harmful risk from touching the device.

Microsoft Security is Windows Vista, and it is very powerful antivirus for Windows 10P. It is a fast anti-virus light that eliminates all kinds of harmful threats like viruses, malware, data leaks, and online hacking. It keeps you safe at all times and allows you to access your system. Microsoft Security Basics can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft Store. It only works on Vista which is an upgraded version of Microsoft Security Basics. Windows Defender 7 provides newer versions of Windows 8 and 10 as well.

There are many Antivirus related App online, as you know. However, This Microsoft Security Essentials is the most efficient and unique, and latest antivirus. Look below some features of Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials App Key Features:

  • Microsoft Security Essentials does not work with stand-alone software
  • Other anti-virus software and can cause errors.
  • You should always download it from the Microsoft Store
  • It is the official site to avoid viruses or fake versions.
  • Not only does it work on Windows Vista and 7, it can protect your Android mobile from all kinds of malware.
  • Microsoft Security works in the necessary background to intimidate us and take care of all malicious threats.
  • It takes care of online threats like spam, fake websites, malicious links, malware-filled emails and much more.
  • Microsoft security is mandatory.
  • A CPU can operate with very low system requirements and demands 1 GHz
  • higher clock speed, 1 GB RAM, at least 256 GB hard drive, and minimum performance speed 800 × 600.

These requirements are very low and nowadays, everyone has this or a better specification.

How to Install Microsoft Security Essentials App in your Desktop

In this section, you will learn how to Download Microsoft Security Essentials App and Install it On Any Desktop.

Step 1: Click ON the link and choose the download version of Microsoft Security Essentials.

Step 2: After finishing the download of Microsoft Security Essentials then double click on the executable file.

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Download & enjoy