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Download Ride Song Lyrics

“Ride” – I feel the wind run through my hairTop down, the sun’s gonna lead us thereRay Bans and this ’64’s all we needDon’t let your head get in the wayJust let your heart beat wild and freeOpen the door, jump in, and turn the key I live my life out on the edgeYeah, I …

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Download Giant Song Lyrics

Giant Song Lyrics Feeling like a giant, walking over wallsI could crush mountain, hundred feet tallIf I was any higher, I’d be in the starsFor once, I’m the one, for once, I’m a giant Smoking clouds like cigarettesLifted, lighter, space cadetOh, my, my, so monstrousFor once, I’m a giant Swing away, I’m never gonna dropShout …

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Download Snakes Song Lyrics

There’s a snake in the grassI see him staring at meTold him, if you’re gonna bite meThen first you better show me your teeth[x2] Oh my God! Oh my God! I saidOh my God, I’m terrifiedYour ice cold heart and hellish eyesWoohoo, I can’t lieWoohoo, I’m terrified Oh my God, I’m terrifiedAnd I just can’t …

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Download The Dark Song Lyrics

Backwoods lighter, roll that kush upBreathe those dreams inside of meI see fire so I look upOn these California streets All my life, I been running toward the fight Oh lord, when I dieMake my life a lullaby‘Til that long goodnightKeep my fire burnning like a starI’m not afraid of the dark Staring at this …

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