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Life History of a Forex Trader

Life History

Today I’ll share Life History of Jewel as a forex trader. He is a student. He works on the net as well as studying. He has been listening to Forex for a long time, but he has no detailed idea. Furthermore, he has seen advertisements in many places that if you deposit $100, you will be guaranteed income of $1000 per month. So he decided he learns forex.

Life History

How to make money in forex? – “Life History” ? 

In one blog, he saw a person name Sajid. Who posted a blog “Learn Forex” Make Unlimited Earnings”, which made jewel happy. He thought this time he must learn Forex. Sajid called from the post with his phone number. Sajid said, Forex is very difficult. But we are many experienced traders. We will help you with the signal. You need to only deposit $1000 with our referral. Jewel opened the demo account

After trading for 2-3 days, Jewel saw a good profit. Then he thought that now need to start real trade. It is not too late to become rich.

With great difficulty, He was able to raise money like buying that 1000 from home. 
He deposited $1000 in Forex under Sajid. After depositing, Jewel called his mentor sajib, and he is no longer holding him. 

After depositing, what is the need to hold the phone now, if Jewel trades, he will get commission. 

Jewel then thought he would trade himself. Baby pips are read and learned from the internet. You have to trade with no risk all the time, you can’t be greedy, you have to do analysis. Jewel thought he did not know these things!

Jewel trading started. On the first day, 0.01 Standard Lot opened a trade with a value of 10 cents per pips. 100 pips profit in the first trade. From $1000 to $1010. 

Again $12 profit in 2nd trade. Looking at indicators, trading, using stop loss, take profit. 

Thus traded at 10 o’clock. 3 hours loss, 8 o’clock profit. 

The balance in 3 days is now $1095.

New thoughts came to Jewel’s head. Profit is happening. He is trading at 0.01-0.02 lot now. If the lot of size could be increased a little, the profit would be more.

Everybody earns hundreds of dollars every day and if I earn only $95 in 3 days why not more? 

From now on he started trading at 0.05 lot. $25 loss in the first trade. In the 2nd trade, however, the profit was $50. $30 profit in the next trade. Profits continue to rise.

Jewel doubled the lot of size. Per pips by $1. He made $230 in 1 day. In the next 1 week, the profit and loss balance has become $2500. Now Jewels trade with more risk. 

Sometimes scalping with a value of $5 pips. At 3 weeks the jewel balance is $3200. Jewel is satisfied with his perform an. 

Forex is very simple, who said it takes so much analysis?” Life History”

If it increases, you have to give the sell, if it decreases, you have to buy it Easy !!!

NFP News.it was Friday- Jewel does not know fundamental analysis. Doesn’t use stop loss either. This news he doesn’t see before. Rather, the volatility that is created in the market can lead to better scalping

Jewel opened a trade with 0.5 lots ($5 pips value) by EUR USD. The market went after 90 pips due to a sudden spike. Since jewel has no experience in these matters, he thought something must have happened in the market. He thought the price would increase after a while. 

He opened another buy trade at 0.5 lot. The market is reading more this time. Jewel equity from $3200 is now $1500. 

Do not understand what to do. Since the price is decreasing, he thinks that it is not necessary to reduce so much, the price will increase again after a while, so now if 2 more trades can be opened, even if the price increases less, the balance will be $5000. 

This time he will open 2 trades in 0.5 lot again. Price increased a little. He saw that the balance was recovering very fast. The equity is now $2,000. He became a little optimistic. Suddenly the price dropped another 100 pips. All 4 trades of jewel were closed due to margin call.

Jewel balance is now only $0.10. He regrets his actions. 

Life History

Why did you take that risk?

If you had withdrawn from 3200 to only $100 earlier !!!

He will deposit again, it would not have happened if he had been a little careful. 

He has to be more careful later. This time he somehow collected $500. He thought he would not trade alone, He would have to take advice from an experienced Trader he’s thinking own. 

He saw advertisements in newspapers. Forex teaching here. Jewel went there and met a forex trader named BulBul. He is a very experienced forex trader, he has been doing forex for 6 years, he earns millions of dollars a month from forex. “He gives forex signals,” he said. 2500rs per month. 100% profit guarantee.

Now jewel thought why not meet BulBul before? 

Bulbul teach him some techniques and Told always use stop loss. You just have to be more critical with the help you perform toward other people. Jewel agreed. 

Jewel told his friend GM, Dude, today I met a complex Forex trader. ” Josh trades” I will take the signal from him from now on. I was admitted to him. 

Gm said, who earns millions of dollars a month, why does he give a signal for 2500 rupees? 

2500 rupees is not supposed to be any money for him. Jewel did not listen to these words. 

In the night, Bulbul called Jewel and said, give buy at 1.4600. Sure EUR USD will go to 1.5000 this time. “100%”
Jewel give buy in his account. Now he is fairly tension free.

Following the signal of a professional trader, Who stops his profit? (Life History)

Then Jewel sleep.

Jewel woke up in the morning and saw EUR USD at 1.4452. Bulbul called Jewel and told, what should I do? Bulbul said, it is a normal movement of the market, the price will go up sure. Instead, open 1 more buy a trade at that price and trust my signal. And if it goes to 1.4300, buy another. 

Now 2 days later, the price is 1.4096. At the signal of Bulbul, the balance of Jewel is zero again. Jewel no longer trades in Forex.

Life History

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