Definition of Robbery Insurance

Robbery insurance is an insurance system that includes property accident insurance. Robberies, thefts and robberies have increased so much in the society that it has become as dangerous as human life and property. All these robberies, thefts, robberies, robberies. Robbery insurance is one of the various types of insurance introduced by insurance companies for the …

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Definition Of Crop Insurance And Types of Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance – Farmers’ applied crops can be damaged by various natural and man-made disasters in such a way that the cottage traders may become completely destitute. Floods, droughts, cyclones, tidal waves, unfavorable weather, rage, insects, fires, lightning, theft, robbery, looting, war are all natural and unnatural causes of crops and are often destroyed or …

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4 Types Risks of Crop Insurance

Risks of Crop Insurance Bad weather, floods, droughts, hailstorms, and insect infestations are called crop risks. As grain is produced under the open sky, this risk may arise in different ways in agriculture. 4 Risks of Crop Insurance The risks are discussed: Natural hazard: The risk to crops caused by bad weather is called natural …

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Definition of Cattle Insurance

Cattle Insurance – Cattle insurance is a contract that the insured enters into with the insurer to receive compensation for financial loss caused by an accident or death. According to other insurance policies, cattle insurance contract is also considered as a contract of compensation. However, there is more fear of moral risk than other insurance. …

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What is Liability insurance/ 6 Liability insurance Explained

Liability insurance: This type of insurance contract is executed to reduce the liability of the person or organization. In case of death of the officer-employee working in the organization, the responsibility falls on the employer. The insured reduces the liability by the money received from the insurer through this insurance. Includes employee insurance and reinsurance …

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