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List of Top German insurance companies

List of Top German insurance companies

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German is one of the most advanced country in this world. People’s expectations and knowledge is really good there.

Insurance plays a vital role in model world.To be honest,it’s essential to have insurance to lead a comfortable life.

Life of Germans are comfortable. Because they have many good insurance companies to choose from. We have made a list and small details on them. Hope this will be pretty helpful.

Top German insurance companies:

1.Allianz – Allianz ranked one in our list. Because its very popular, trustworthy & people’s friendly. Allianz know as leading insurer in Germany.

Allianz has 80+million customers all across the world. It covers helath insurance,retirement insurance,travel insurance and lot more.

For a interested person, it’s a very good company to look for.

2. ARAG Group – ARAG Group gets no 2 spot. Its largest family owned enterprise in Germany. Founded in 1935 its running its business since then. It’s still making a very good revenue per year.

It is second largest legal insurer in the world. So, it’s a company to look out for.

3. ERGO Insurance Group – ERGO Insurance Group is one of the largest insurance company in Germany. ERGO group operates in more than 30 country’s.

In Europe, ERGO Insurance Group know as number 1 in the sector of health insurance, legal expenses insurance.

This giant group has more than 40,000 full time employees to help you. For health & legal expense insurance it’s name should come fast.

4. Generali Deutschland – Major insurer in Germany. This is a German holding company which is consisting of about 20 insurance companies. Among other companies, it is the second largest direct insurance company in Germany after Allianz. Generali Deutschland headquarters is in Munich,Germany.

5. Hannover Re Group – Hannover Re Group is in 6th position of our list. It’s one of the biggest reinsurance company in the World. Hannover Re Group offers:- Non-life and Life reinsurance products.

6. Munich RE – Munich RE is one of top 5 largest insurance company of the world. Munich RE is a major financial group which offers various insurance products and consultancy. Reinsurance products for world-wide range of insurance.

7. AXA Konzern – AXA Konzern is not a German owned company. It’s a company that came from Paris,France. So, basically it’s outsider.

Being an outsider insurance company its not less than any German owner insurance company.

This German multinational insurance firm operates in W.estern Europe, N.orth AmeriorthMiddle East and India Pacific region.

It’s covering almost all field of insurances. For any German national, trying out for foreign insurance company this is definite to try out for.

It’s our list of some top German insurance companies.There are many insurance company in Germany. A total of more than 300. So,it’s difficult to do a list. Any correction we will take positively.