Concept of Scheduled Bank

Concept of Scheduled Bank . In the general sense, a listed bank refers to a list of central banks. In the broadest sense, all the banks constituted under the country’s conventional banking company law. Which are members or enlisted by the central bank in a commitment to abide by the rules, regulations, policies and directives …

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Features of the Central Bank

Features of the Central Bank Although the central bank is a banking financial institution like other banks, it has some distinctive features that set it apart from other banks. Significant features of the central bank are discussed below: 1. Unique organization: There is only one central bank in each country. Because the government does not …

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Foreign Exchange & Foreign Currency Explained A to Z

Foreign Exchange & Foreign Currency – In the present age of modern and globalization, trade and commerce, and human life are not confined within a country. Due to the expansion of international trade, technological development, change in human needs, trade relations with one country to another, the prevalence of financial transactions in various fields, education, …

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