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Elliott wave volume price action combined advanced forex strategy

elliot wave analysis

Elliott wave volume price action combined advanced forex strategies- “The key is having more information than the other guy -then analyzing it right and using it rationally”-Warrant buffet. “Elliott wave analysis”

Hello and welcome to my course Elliot wave, volume, price action combined forex advanced strategy.

Elliott wave, volume, price action, combined forex advanced system for both beginners and advanced trader to invest the professional trader using leading indicator;

Elliott waves (fibonacci ratio)+volume+ forex price action.

I called this advanced forex strategies because by the end of the complete course, you will learn and act as an investor, not only as a trader, how over as I mentioned in this course.

elliot wave analysis

This course is designed for both beginners and advanced traders to learn trading through technical analysis with Forex price action.

you noted to understand the importance and the need of this forex price action course, let’s briefly discuss whats goes insight the vold of online trading. to answer this I use my favorite quote from one of my favorite books and investing and that quote is under see, guys

“There is nothing new in wall street. Their cant is because speculation is as old as the hills. Whatever happens in the stock market today has happened before and will happen again” FROM THE BOOK – REMINISCENCES OF A STOCK OPERATOR.

  • Above statement applies to all trading instruments i.e Forex, Stock & commodities market.
  • Speculation of a trading instrument by its participants drives the money market and hence, decides winners and losers.
  • However, the majority of retail traders struggle to succeed at this game of speculation even after years of hard work.
  • Why this course?”elliott wave analysis”
  • Before investing in forex, as a retail trader, you must know:
  • The overall structure of the markets.
  • Who you are competing against
  • What works and what does not in the present market?
  • How forex is more than simply buying and selling of a currency pair?
  • And to be profitable,as a retail trader must be able to:
  • Choose the correct form of analysis to reach your trading goals.
  • And changing yourself mentally to approach the market as a long term investor

This course provides you answer to the above questions by leading the technical indicator which has stood the test of the time :

Elliot wave volume price action combined advanced forex strategies:

  • Focused on a smaller time frame and risking too on each trade.
  • Experienced price manipulation on smaller time frames for the very first time.
  • Inappropriate use of leverage on my account leads to fast capital destruction.

How did I decide to approach the market differently with Forex price action?

  • Decided to think like an investor and stopped expecting an unrealistic target.
  • Invested time in understanding the dynamic and psychology of the market and its participants by studying books on trading legends of the past Forex price action.

All of these books highlighted the importance of understanding market psychology and sentiment linked to crowd behavior to correctly speculate the future price movements.

” My Trading Approach”

  • Always trade with discipline and patience.
  • My charts only represent leading technical analysis i.e Elliot Waves, Price Action, and Volumes.
  • As a part of this forex price course and strategy, I’m regulating a 10k account: (forex price action)

Target Returns = 50-75% on initial deposit.
Time period = 12 month
Current P/L= +28.78% (Please refer to the trading journal attached)

elliot wave analysis

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What is Forex (Or Foreign Exchange)?

A Decentralized market where currencies are traded over the counter (OTC)
Open 24 hours worldwide ( Five and a half days a week).
Major financial centers active during a typical day in Forex include Sydney(Open), Hong Kong, Singapore, Frankfurt, Paris, London, and New York (Close).
The most heavily traded financial markets in the world present opportunities for individual traders to speculate price movements and make profits.
Speculations are aimed at whether a pair will move in an uptrend, downtrend, or sideways at any given time.

Each currency pair consists of base currency and counter currency.
For example in EURUSD
EUR = Base currency
USD= Counter currency
Scenario 1: EURUSD trading at price 1.1000 means:
1 EURO is exchanged for 1.10 USD or 1.10 USD is exchanged for 1 EURO.
A BUY trade opened at 1.1000-1.1000= 100 PIPS (Point in percentage) in profitsScenario 2: EURUSD trading is now trading at price 1.1100 which means:
EUR has increased in value relative to the USD.
1 EURO is exchanged for 1.11 USD or 1.11 USD is exchanged for 1 EURO
” INTRODUCTION to my trading journey”
Actively trading in forex, stocks, and commodities market since 2011.(forex price action)

My early struggles and challenges:


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