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Daily Pips Gain Forex Trading Strategies

Forex Trading Strategies

There are many strategies in Forex Trading for moving average crossover. We simply trade with 5 EMA, 10 EMA crossover but due to lack of proper time frame or confirmation the number of Losing Trade increases.

This Forex Trading strategies is very effective. It is impossible to say market movement with 100% certainty. If anyone claims to be able to tell, search the nearest mental hospital to see if any mental patients are missing. Now let’s talk about work,

Like all other systems, this system can hit your trade stop loss, but if you follow 100%, you can make a profit of up to 100 pips daily.

Necessary materials for this forex trading strategies :

1 teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon tea, 1 cup of water milk as needed. No, you don’t need all this. Make a cup of tea and sit down to do a backtest in the demo. Add everything you need to the chart according to the list below,

  • Give EMA 5 – Yellow Color
  • Give EMA 10 – Red Color.
  • RSI 10 (Default but change to 14), and add 50 levels.
  • MACD FAST: 5; SLOW: 9; MACD SMA: 4;

Having trouble applying the indicators?

No problem, you can get all free in your mt4 platform. Then load on the chart.

Which Time frame you used for this forex trading strategies:

You must use H1 i.e. 1-hour time frame. I have already said that you may not get good results in other time frames. So of course H1.Remember

CHART VIEW and Pair:

After zooming in full, zoom out one step. This will make the crossovers clearer. And you can follow this system in all pairs, but there is more movement in major pairs, so I hope you can choose major pairs for quick results.

When to open a trade in this forex trading strategies:

The basic principle of this strategy is crossover. In the market, when the Yellow EMA 5 crosses the RED EMA 10 from the bottom, and the RSI 50 crosses the level from the bottom, this is exactly the buy order open signal in this system.

And when the cell order open signal is available, Yellow EMA 5 will cross RED EMA 10 from above, and similarly, RSI (10) will cross 50 level upside.

Daily pips gain forex trading strategies

MACD is not so important but by adding it you can get Arcata indicator confirmation. A lot of times the MACD signals late so it is not being given much importance here. MACD, much like RSI, is a buy signal if it crosses the 0.00 level from the bottom, and a sell signal when it crosses the bottom from the top.

When to close a trade in This Strategies:

In fact, it will depend on your forex trading strategies /plan or your own money management rules.

Looking at the old chart, it is seen that the market usually moves 100 pips after cross-over. So I recommend you can use 50 to 100 pips tech profit.

Stop loss and take profit in this Forex trading strategies :

Stop-Loss (SL), Market Instantly can hit T / P in Long Run even if it does not hit TP. In that case, my advice is 100 pips. However, if you have your own 2% or 4% rules, set it as an advantage.

Always keep an eye on your Deposit / Capital. If the market is at 20 pips profit, you will set an S / L break even at your entry price. If the market gains 40 pips, set s / l at 20 pips profit.


It is best to test any forex strategies in the demo before using it on a real account. No strategy is 100% accurate. So do not close your eyes and practice well and practice using full money management.

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