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Top Insurance Companies in Congo- Kinshasa

Congo insurance companies

Most popular insurance companies in Congo -Kinshasa. Top Insurance Companies.

List of all Insurance Companies In Congo

CONGO insurance companies

1.ACTIVA ASSURANCES RDC: Sales Revenue almost $25.00M.

2. MAYFAIR INSURANCE CONGO SA: Sales Revenue almost $4.47M.

3. LA SOCIETE NATIONALE D’ASSURANCES : Sales Revenue almost $3.80M.

4. ASK GRAS SAVOY RDC: Sales Revenue almost $2.79M.

5. SOCIETE FINANCIERE D’ASSURANCE SFA : Sales Revenue almost $1.68M.

6. ALLIED INSURANCE BROKERS SARL: Sales Revenue almost $1.68M.

7. OKAPI ASSURANCES SARL : Sales Revenue $1.68M.

8. SOCIETE ELITE CONGO SARLU: Sales Revenue almost $1.30M.

9. SODASSUR SARLU: Sales Revenue almost $0.74M.

10. OLEA CONGO : Founded -Noire, Congo – Brazzaville.

11. Willis Towers Watson: Founded- Bangui, Central African.

12. Willis Towers Watson: Founded-Brazzaville, Congo – Brazzaville.

13. Willis Towers Watson: Lubumbashi, Congo.

14. Murray And Roberts Cementation Zambia Limited: Founded Brazzaville, Congo – Brazzaville.

15. PwC: Founded – Kigali, Rwanda

16. Willis Towers Watson: Founded – Kinshasa, Congo – Kinshasa.

17. Bureau Véritas : Founded – Kinshasa, Congo – Kinshasa.

18. ASCOMA CONGO: Founded – Pointe-Noire, Congo – B.

19. Deloitte: Founded – Kigali, Rwanda.

20. Deloitte Services (Lubumbashi): Founded- Lubumbashi, Congo – Kinshasa.

21. Deloitte DRC: Founded- Congo – Kinshasa

22. ASCOMA CONGO : Founded- Cogelo, Brazzaville, Congo – Brazzaville.

23. ASCOMA RDC : Founded – Kinshasa, Congo – Kinshasa.

24. UAP Insurance: Founded- Grand Pension Plaza, Kigali, Rwanda.

25. RAWSUR: Founded- Kinshasa, Congo – Kinshasa.